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History of the Stud Farm

Livestock with Purebred Spanish horses with Rural Tourism houses in the Aiguamolls del Empordà Natural Park, founded in 1977, almost 50 years old, this livestock farm is specialized in the functionality of the PRE and has bred more than a thousand horses looking since its origins functionality for the sport of dressage. One of the most important livestock farms in Spain. It is the 1st PRE sports horse in Spain specialized in Morphology and Dressage. The specimens were selected from the beginning to be used in sporting events, such as carriage pulls and dressage events. The cattle are considered the best in terms of horse keeping, horse sizes, and sporting abilities.




Tradition Hooks

Natural Park


Seni USIO III, Gold in Functionality and Best Movements in
SICAB 2022.
Seni TORERO IV, Gold in Silleda, Equigal and CDN Finca Abrigosa
Seni NOCTURNO III, Silver in XXIV Pre Fair 2022, Silver in
1st PRE Quito 2021 Competition, Gold in SICAB 2017, and Gold in XVIII
SICAB 2014.
Seni PLATERO, Silver in PRE Ancce Championship classified
Excellent Stallion, Silver at CDN Barcelona 2021, Gold at CDN
Cava 2020, Gold at CDN Girona 2018, Gold at CDN Barcelona
Seni CARLO IV, champion in CDN Can Vila and CDN
Torredembarra 2019.
Seni JEFE II, Quito 2019 champion, XX SICAB 2015 Gold.
Seni PEREGRINO VII, Gold in XX PRE Horse Championship
Ciudad de Baza 2016, Gold in Equimur 2016.
Seni INDIO, Silver and Absolute Champion in Best Movements
and Functionality at SICAB 2016 and Bronze at SICAB 2008.
Seni ALAZAN, Cabalcor 2015.
Seni RÁPIDO IV, Silver in SICAB 2013, and represented Spain in
the European Championship in Monte Carlo.
Seni PEREGRINO II, Gold in Equimur 2009.
Seni LUIS I, is on the Belgian National Team.
CARLO Seni I, Silver from Spain and Certified Breeder.
Seni-GUAPO, certified player.
Seni-PLATERO, certified player.
Seni KRIPTON I, National Championships 2005-2004. Prize
Best Equus Catalonia Livestock Award 1990.
Best breeder Breeder Equus Catalonia 1997.
3rd place in SICAB Dressage 1997.
Best Livestock Breeder Equus Catalonia 1996 Award.